Middle Eastern Dance Artists



Our Mission Statement:

“To promote for ourselves and the community, a dignified, quality expression of the art of Middle Eastern Dance.”

Consistently over the years, since 1980, MEDA has sponsored seminars and produced shows.

MEDA might be the oldest non-profit belly dance organization in the United States. MEDA was founded in July 1980, by eight ladies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who wanted to learn and promote the art of Middle Eastern Dance. It was incorporated later that year as a non-profit.

MEDA’s goal then was, as it is now, to educate its members and the community about this beautiful dance, as well as its surrounding culture.

MEDA’s goal, still, is to promote, with dignity and quality, the art of Middle Eastern Dance.

Over the years, this organization has sponsored seminars and produced shows as a vehicle for students, as well as more polished dancers, to express their love of this art.

This organization consists of talented, caring members, who have careers and families; who share the love of this music and dance form.

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